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10 Ways To Celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s Day is upon us and for a travel enthusiast such as myself, I’m excited to be spending Father’s Day with G&O in NYC! It’s also a special weekend because on June 18th, 2010, I proposed to DD Mommy on the Brooklyn Bridge with our families present. Now with two additional members of our family (G&O) in tow, NYC will take on a whole new meaning for me as we cruise around the city in a double stroller and navigate the subway with toddlers.

If your Dad isn’t the traveling-type or it’s simply too late to plan a trip, consider these 10 fun things to do with Dad on Father’s Day.

1. Cook For Him– Avoid long lines at restaurants and cook a meal for Dad instead. If you love the kitchen, better yet, if he loves the kitchen, this is the perfect place to be on Father’s Day. The time spent making the meal is perfect quality time and Dad will appreciate the fruits of your labor.

2. Invite Him For A Round Of Golf – Is Dad an avid golfer? Does he like golf but never gets a chance to play? Find a tee time and join Dad for a round of golf. Even if you don’t play, just riding in the golf cart and chatting with Dad will be time well spent. If Dad doesn’t play golf? Mini golf.

3. Take A Drive – For example, if you live in South Florida, make it a day trip to Naples for lunch, dine at the delicious Sea Salt (my favorite) and walk down 5th Avenue or take a stroll on the white sandy beach which is 5 minutes away.

4. Play Games  – Help get your mind off work and play a board game or an interactive game of charades with your family. Some of the best memories can be made lounging together at home and engaging in some laughter and healthy competition amongst family.

5. Go To A Ball Game– If your Dad loves sports, Father’s Day weekend is the perfect time to take him to a game to watch his favorite team. Few Dads would oppose this idea as they can spend quality time with you while also rooting on their squad.

6. Have A Picnic – Pack some of your favorite snacks and adult beverages and take a trip to the park. Maybe even bring a frisbee or a football and let Dad have a blast and feel like a kid again….with his own kids.

7. Watch A Movie – Has it been forever since Dad actually went to a movie theatre to watch a movie? Take him! The perfect way to end the weekend is by winding down and watching a movie with your family. Even if you don’t visit a theater, get comfortable at home, pop some popcorn and enjoy the time spent with each other. Movie nights can become a family tradition.

8. Have A BBQ – Similar to #1 but this one may be Dad’s favorite pastime. Tell him to take a break from grilling and make sure you barbecue some good hearty ribs and chicken for Dad and family. Have the little ones create some delicious side dishes and you’re all set!

9. Go To Brunch – Don’t want to cook or grill? No problem. Take Dad to a hot brunch spot in your city and let the chefs do the cooking. Just make sure to secure reservations in advance.

10. Go Bowling Or Fishing – Whether knocking down pins or casting a line, your Dad is bound to enjoy one of these activities.

Whichever activity you wish to do, I hope you have a great Father’s Day and create some new memories with your family this weekend.

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Happy Father’s Day in Advance!

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