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Double Duty Parenting

I’ll admit it. The weeks that DD Mommy is away on work trips add a layer of double duty to my daddy title that seems at times to be, well, draining. I rely a lot on G&O’s nanny to arrive [...]

September 30, 2015 Posts

AA Gold Status? Check. Platinum Status? Next.

Last month I wrote about how I would be signing up for the American Airlines Elite Status Challenge to try and attain AA Gold status. Well, with a few trips I already had planned plus one short mileage run to [...]

September 28, 2015 Posts

El Mercado de San Miguel Is Coming to Miami!

Anyone who has visited Madrid has probably stepped foot in El Mercado de San Miguel. The historic and monumental food market is a staple for Madrileños and tourists alike and was one of my favorite places to spend hours eating and drinking while in [...]

September 24, 2015 Posts

Break Up The Routine – Date Night

These days, I try to be home each night to have dinner with G&O and get them prepared for bedtime. The routine is something I’ve grown quite accustomed to and actually feel a sense of emptiness when I have to [...]

September 22, 2015 Posts


This deal is too good to pass up (and won’t last) so I had to share with my readers. To get the $100 discount,  visit Orbitz and search using the promo code MASTERPASS. Once results pop up, look for hotels that are listed as “Promo [...]

September 18, 2015 Posts

How I Booked My Next Two Trips

With a fairly busy period at work commencing this week and running through the end of October, I’ve been getting the itch to book trips for Fall and Spring since I’ll be grounded with no flights planned until November. This week [...]

September 18, 2015 Posts

When Your Babies Don’t Want To Eat

Toddlers are notoriously picky eaters and mine are no exception. Going through the non-eating phase with toddlers is incredibly stressful for parents. One day they try everything you give them, the next day they throw a tantrum on their highchair [...]

September 17, 2015 Posts

Now Is The Best Time To Book Airfare!

It’s no surprise that airfare deals have been uncommonly common lately and that’s because the fall has arrived and airlines know that September and October are usually slow months for air travel. With school back in session and the slower summer months ending for many [...]

September 14, 2015 Posts

Day Care vs Nanny – The Struggle

Talking to other parents, I’m always curious about how they came to the big decision of whether to hire a nanny or put their child in day care. It’s a debate amongst parents and varies based upon individual circumstances. A [...]

September 10, 2015 Posts


Global Entry is amazing! When you apply and are accepted into the program, you can bypass the immigration and customs lines every time you enter the United States for five years. Don’t travel internationally much? It’s OK, if approved for [...]

September 8, 2015 Posts