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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Cancun Flights At A Laughable Cost

In August I registered for the JetBlue #GoForthWithJetBlue Points Match promotion, which matched my Virgin America points to JetBlue points after one roundtrip flight. I didn’t have any Virgin America points so I did what any travel hacker would do and transferred [...]

October 20, 2016 Posts

Conflicted Jet Lag Strategy

Let me preface this post by stating that I absolutely understand the following scenarios are first world problem-esque. For those of you that have traveled to long-haul destinations in different time zones, you know that jet lag is REAL and [...]

October 10, 2016 Posts

How Long Is Too Long?

I booked our highly anticipated Japan trip 11 months ago and we’re a little over a month until we take this ‘dream come true’ trip. First Class Japan Airlines For Dirt Cheap and 6 nights in 5 star hotels for $0 out of [...]

October 4, 2016 Posts