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AA Gold Status? Check. Platinum Status? Next.

Last month I wrote about how I would be signing up for the American Airlines Elite Status Challenge to try and attain AA Gold status. Well, with a few trips I already had planned plus one short mileage run to DFW that I blogged about here, I earned AA Gold and received this sexy looking thing……


I made it a personal goal of mine to earn airline status and with AA having a hub in Miami and being the airline I fly most often, it was a no-brainer to embark on the challenge and make my travels a bit more comfortable and lucrative. The 3 tiers of status for AA are Gold, Platinum and Executive Platinum with the latter being leaps and bounds much greater in benefits than Gold or Platinum. However, Platinum benefits are much better than Gold (100% mileage bonus vs 25%, free main cabin extra seats vs waiting 72 hours to have access, more 500 mile upgrade certificates, better chances at complimentary upgrades) so I decided I am going to try for Platinum! Platinum is the highest status I can earn with this elite challenge shortcut as the cream of the crop AA status, Executive Platinum, cannot be earned through a challenge and has to be earned by flying 100,000 miles in a year.


I wasted no time in calculating how many miles I’d need to travel to achieve Platinum status. If I was going to fly coach, I’d need to fly almost 10,000 miles more in the remainder of time I have to complete the challenge which at the time was about 60 days. Because I needed 5,000 Elite Qualifying Points or 10,000 miles flown in coach, I decided I didn’t want to spend my weekends away from home having to take 4-5 roundtrip flight domestically in 60 days to reach the 5,000 EQP’s or 10,000 miles. Therefore, I opted to check out  Flyertalk’s Premium Fare Deals Forum and see what deals frequent fliers were posting for biz or first class fares. Why was I looking for biz or first class deals? Because AA awards more EQP’s depending on the class of service you purchase. A 5,000 mile RT flight in coach would net you 2,500 EQP’s but that same 5,000 mile RT flight in first class would net you 7,500 EQP’s. If I could find a first class domestic itinerary that would net me the amount of miles I need but not cost a fortune, I would use my Citi Thank You Points to offset the cost of the flight leaving me with an out-of-pocket cost of $0 to earn Platinum status until February 2017.

After several weeks of research, I found the perfect itinerary (Miami-Dallas-Detroit-Miami), each segment in first class, at a very, very good price, with just enough EQP’s to make me an American Airlines Platinum member! Icing on the cake: the flying would be same-day travel with no overnight stay required so I’d be at home to sleep in my own bed. Not too shabby for a guy that doesn’t travel for work (pats himself on the back).

Mileage runs aren’t for everyone. I value perks when traveling and thus, I believe the benefits of achieving status with an airline outweigh the costs and time that are required to earn that status. Best part? This run will allow me to work on some blog posts and get inspired to share more stories with you, my readers. Next stop, PLATINUM.  🙂




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