Double Duty Daddy

About Double Duty Daddy

Juan-InternetWelcome to Double Duty Daddy! My name is Juan, a devoted (and obsessed) father to identical twin toddler girls. Long yearning for an outlet to share my uninhibited thoughts on what life is like to be a parent, a husband, a son and the demands at work and at home, I created Double Duty Daddy.

When I found out I would be a father of twins (after the initial shock), I knew there would be nothing else in life that I would feel more passionate writing about than my children. I’d start a blog about my life as a dad of twins along with some of my hobbies/interests like travel via the points/miles hobby and food-talk. With little to no restraint, my aim is to be authentic, relatable and open a refreshing line of communication for parents and non-parents alike.

Join me for the ride!

– Double Duty Daddy