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American Airlines New Admirals Club Lounge – GIG

My wife aka DD Mommy, travels to Brazil frequently for work. Last week in anticipation of the commencement of the Olympics, she spent a week in Rio de Janeiro and on her flight back to MIA, she visited the American Airlines Admirals lounge in GIG. The revamped AA lounge just received a major makeover and she was visiting on the first day of opening. In her words…..

While it was painful to wait in a two-hour line just to get through customs and security, getting to the new AA Admirals lounge on the first day it opened was a nice treat. One I would have loved to take more advantage of, but sweet nevertheless to check out before my 8+ hr flight back to Miami. Funny thing is, the entire GIG airport has gone through a revamp and due to the Olympics, has stepped up its game in terms of food offerings and stores.

The newly revised terminal 2 was incredible, from local favorites like FARM and Olsken to an entire Rio 2016 store and Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, I could have easily spent more time shopping then eating all of the Pão de quiejo (Brazilian cheese bread) inside the AA Lounge. Each time I visit a new lounge on a business trip, it always makes me miss my husband and family because I see so many others taking advantage of the amenities. It reminds me of why the head of the House of Ruiz loves them so much.

And while I found the space to be decent sized and complete with all you would come to expect from your average Admirals lounge, I will say it was quite far from everything and took quite a while to even find the lounge which was located on the third floor and a good 15 minute walk to all the gates. At one point, a gentleman who looked the part of a “typical Brazilian biz traveler” looked lost and was looking for the AA lounge. Little ole’ me had to tell him in Portuguese how to get to it and to follow my lead.

While the lounge was nice coming off a fresh remodel, I’d still opt for a Amex Centurion lounge any day of the week over most AA lounges. Still, for my continued biz trips to GIG, I’ll continue to frequent the newly revamped American Airlines Admirals Club lounge. But next time I’ll do some shopping.

Admirals Club Entrance

Admirals Club Entrance



Lots of seating despite being busy

Lots of seating despite being busy


A little sleekness

Family room was a pleasant surprise!

Family room was a pleasant surprise!


Brazilian Snacks


Hot foods were tasty.


Enough power outlets to charge your devices.


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