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Some people find it super cool that I do this. Some don’t get it and ask me why. I am a ‘ballpark chaser’. I visit Major League Baseball ballparks because I love the nostalgia of the game. Baseball isn’t my favorite sport but baseball stadiums are my preferred sporting venue of choice because they all differ in look, smell and feel.

Each year, I plan a trip with some close friend(s) to visit new ballparks. Currently, I’m at 19 out of 30 ballparks visited (not including old ballparks e.g. old Yankee Stadium, Shea Stadium, The Vet) and the ‘bucket list’ is narrowing down to only 11 ballparks left. Next year I’ll most likely choose between these pairs of ballparks:

  • Pittsburgh and Cincinnati
  • Texas and Houston
  • Chicago and Milwaukee
  • Seattle (by itself)

I’ll be in Chicago next year for a work conference so I may try to knock out the Chicago/Milwaukee ballparks, if the teams are in town . My ballpark trip is an annual boys trip. It’s the one trip a year where I participate in sporting event travel and not feel guilty about leaving the family. It’s become a tradition and DD Mommy knows I’m not that far from the proverbial, 30th ballpark so she’s super supportive of my obsession to see all 30 current MLB ballparks. Once that bucket list is complete, I have a few other ambitious travel goals in mind that I intend to accomplish with points and miles when G&O are older.

Camden Yards – Baltimore

Target Field – Minneapolis


Fenway Paaaaawk – Boston

Rogers Centre – Toronto

Dodgers Stadium – LA

Travel by helicopter over the Grand Canyon? Visit every state in America? Cage diving with sharks in South Africa? Skydive in New Zealand? Do you have a bucket list? Does it consist of traveling? Would love to know YOUR bucket list ideas. Please share!

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