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Break Up The Routine – Date Night

These days, I try to be home each night to have dinner with G&O and get them prepared for bedtime. The routine is something I’ve grown quite accustomed to and actually feel a sense of emptiness when I have to work late and can’t make it home to put the girls to sleep, meaning not seeing them until the next morning. Even though I thoroughly enjoy this routine, sometimes a mid-week break is just what the doctor ordered.

The monotonous weekday lifestyle for 9-6 working parents sometimes exhausts so DD Mommy and I decided to break up the routine and go check out Michelle Bernstein’s hot spot ‘Seagrape’ at the Thompson Hotel in Miami Beach.



Glass of Chardonnay with Dinner

We started off with some signature cocktails (not pictured) while we waited for our table to be ready. DD Mommy had the Seagrape Bellini and I had the Guava Cobbler which consisted of Facundo Bacardi Neo, Pierre Ferrand Dry Orange Curaçao, guava purée, lime juice, Angostura Bitters. I’m a scotch guy but can always appreciate a well made cocktail with premium ingredients. 



There was a loud corporate event going around the bar so we asked to be seated away from all the noise. We were seated within 10 minutes and started our meal with our favorite food on earth, OYSTERS! Freshly shucked oysters, 6 from the east coast and 6 from the west coast. DD Mommy has become an Oyster connoisseur of sorts while I’ve always been a HUGE fan of the delectable saltwater clam.

Following the oysters, we opted to split 2 entrees as we typically do so we can add variety and taste different dishes from Chef Michelle Bernstein’s team. The split consisted of a pappardelle duck pasta (pappardelle has become my favorite pasta) and a short rib burger with oxtail marmalade, applewood bacon, racelette cheese, romaine lettuce and sauce louis. We ordered the burger because a guy at the bar was eating it when we first arrived and it looked amazing. The burger was good but not mind-blowing. The winner of the night was the pappardelle duck pasta which was perfection and not too greasy as sometimes duck can be.


Pappardelle Duck Pasta


Short Rib Burger

Although we missed the girls terribly, in the grand scheme of things, it’s only one measly evening and G&O were in great hands with the nanny. We got to enjoy each other’s company and have adult conversation for once. Might have to try out this date night concept more often.  🙂


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  1. Denise Clavijo September 29, 2015 at 5:35 pm

    I will have to check out this hot spot and yes, date night is crucial! Try to do it at least once a month =)

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