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British Airways Hurt My Heart This Morning

In between getting myself ready for work and the morning routine with G&O while DD Mommy is on a business trip,  I received some yucky news in my email inbox this morning. I’ve written about British Airways Avios before on the blog here and how they are my favorite miles currency to use for short haul flights. I’ve paid 9,000 Avios ROUNDTRIP for flights to Turks and Caicos that price out sub-$600 per person and I’m taking the family to Jamaica in February for only 36,000 Avios plus taxes and fees.

Since I quickly learned about the immense value that Avios possess for short-haul flights years ago, it has been far and away my favorite transfer usage of Chase Ultimate Reward points. I still value them greatly and will continue to do so but the news of the elimination of 4,500 Avios one-way reward redemptions really hit me hard this morning. Now, the minimum redemption cost for flights in/out of the U.S. with Avios will cost 7,500 one-way or 15,000 roundtrip instead of 9,000 roundtrip. In layman’s terms, it’s like saying the cheapest flight you can get with points/miles just went from $90 to $150 minimum. Still, 15,000 Avios remains a great deal in most cases for short routes like MIA to Punta Cana or JFK to Montreal.

BA Revised

Silver lining: This Avios award change will only affect flights originating in or out of the United States. 4500 Avios point awards will still remain for all other regions. So super short flights in Asia, Australia, Europe and South America for instance remain 4,500 each way or 9,000 roundtrip depending on your destinations. So for all my readers, friends & family abroad, you can still book a dirt cheap flight with BA Avios for the same cost of a few packs of diapers (Daddy references). RIP 4,500 Avios OW redemptions, you were good to me.





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