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Cathay Pacific First Class 777 Review: ORD-HKG

I usually like to redeem my points and miles for family travel, but every now and then I like to pamper myself (and DD Mommy) and take a bucket-list flight with miles.

I started obsessing about flying in Cathay Pacific’s First Class years ago. After my first taste of premium luxury 35,000 feet in the sky with Japan Airlines First Class, I was compelled to book another top-notch experience. I had a plethora of American Airlines miles to burn so I used 110,000 miles and $5.60 each to book DD Mommy and I two seats in first class on Cathay Pacific’s 777-300 to Hong Kong.

Cash cost for two one-way tickets in Cathay Pacific First Class

For more details on how I booked Cathay Pacific first class, check out this post.

CX 777-300 for our 15+ hour journey to HKG

For almost a year leading up to my flight from Chicago to Hong Kong, I read countless trip reports, looked at hundreds of Instagram posts, and watched tons of YouTube videos of the Cathay Pacific first class experience to see what I was in for.

Without further ado, here’s my review:


Unlike our Japan Airlines flight where first class was announced first for boarding, the Cathay Pacific gate agents called for both business and first class passengers which resulted in a messy queue of passengers all crowded around the gate (J cabin was full thanks to weather cancellations out of NY).

Once we finally boarded, I went straight into photographer mode (blogger problems) snapping photographs of the cabin and seats. I really wanted to “be in the moment” of this experience so I quickly took my shots while we had the cabin all to ourselves.

The “other” four seats in CX First Class

DD Mommy and I excited for our flight

After the picture-taking was over, pre-departure food & beverage service began. Cathay Pacific no longer serves amuse-bouche with their glass of Krug champagne so we had peanuts with Krug champagne.

Krug? Yes please!

I wasn’t complaining and neither was DD Mommy. We left Chicago O’Hare on-time which was no surprise as Cathay Pacific has an impeccable reputation for on-time departures and the show was underway.


I’m obsessed with airline pajamas so was excited to find a new pair of comfy Cathay Pacific long sleeve pajamas shirt and pants waiting for me on my seat. I would be donning these soon after meal service.

Changed into my medium-sized pajamas soon after takeoff

The “Sleep Suit” as they call their pajama

All blurry pics of PJ’s (thank you lovely flight attendant) but you get the gist

Also located on our seats were amenity kits by Aesop which included toothbrush, comb, facial creams, toner, lip cream, ear plugs and a pen.

We were given a male and female amenity kit

Ladies amenity kit from DD Mommy’s Insta

And while not really considered an amenity, DD Mommy’s favorite thing was her very own orchid flower placed next to each seat which added life to the space.

Orchid at each seat in First


With just six first-class seats set up in 1-1-1 configuration over two rows, Cathay Pacific’s 777 cabin feels private and exclusive.

Six seats total in Cathay Pacific 777-300 First Class Cabin

Me in Seat 1A

CX First Class Throne

View of seat from ottoman

Suite 1A

We were in seats 1A and 2A,  the two most private seats in the cabin due to a large wall separating 1A and 2A from the other 4 seats in first class.

Wall separating seats 1A and 2A from rest of cabin

LOTS of legroom

Up until 48 hours prior to our flight we were the only 2 people in the cabin but the noreaster cancelled thousands of flights so 2 other passengers joined us from their cancelled JFK-HKG flight.

Although Cathay Pacific doesn’t have a fully enclosed suite in first class like some other premium first class seats, the size of the throne seat is ENORMOUS (so much that DD Mommy and I could fit in one seat together).

We both fit!

Each of the six seats have aisle access and the A and K seats each have 3 personal windows which makes for some excellent views.

Three windows for each seat (1A, 2A, 1K and 2K

The seat features include an LCD touchscreen for lighting and back massage controls, a large  personal TV, private closet for your luggage, and transforms into a very comfortable bed when you’re ready to get some shut-eye.

Your first class throne turns into a comfortable and spacious bed

Even if you’re tall you’ll fit

Hi Mom!

Minutes from uninterrupted sleep!

Food & Beverage

Cathay Pacific’s first class menu offers an array of western and traditional asian cuisine.

Lunch Menu

Johnnie Walker Blue Label on the drink menu

Like other 5-star airlines, meal service is conducted at certain times during the flight but the entire menu is served on-demand throughout the flight. The friendly crew was adamant about letting us know that the option to eat what we want, when we want, was our decision.

One of my favorite aspects of flying in an exclusive premium product is that if you are traveling with your significant other, you can dine with them. When you’re a parent of young children, a quiet romantic dinner is often an illusion more than a constant reality.

Date night!

Soon after take-off, our flight attendant Nobu checked on us for our dining options. Both DD Mommy and I wanted to start our meal with caviar and champagne so we opted for more Krug to go along with our caviar.

Caviar and Champagne

Caviar with garlic bread was delicious

The following was our lunch selections and snacks:

New England Clam Chowder to start the lunch service

Smoked duck and raspberry vinaigrette salad

Braised Veal was tender and and excellent

Hong Kong Style Chicken Curry

Cheeseburger mid-flight was a tasty snack

Chicken noodle ramen dish

Maple pecan pie

The highlight of the meal service for me was the caviar and champagne combination although we enjoyed all the dishes we ordered immensely.

In-Flight Entertainment

Cathay Pacific’s Studio In-Flight Entertainment selection was plentiful with newly released movies like ‘The Shape of Water’ and ‘Stronger’ and classics like ‘Top Gun’ and ‘The Godfather’.

In-flight TV main screen

Getting ready to watch a classic!

Along with great movie options, there was no shortage of TV shows, documentaries, news stories, video games and music selections. Everything is on demand and first class and business class passengers are given sound-proof Bose headphones.


We loved our 15+ hour flight to Hong Kong in Cathay Pacific first class and actually wish it had been longer. The seat was enormous and arguably the most comfortable ‘bed’ in the sky. The food and service was exceptional and the in-flight entertainment was plentiful. Overall, a very solid and memorable premium first class experience.







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