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“Cheap” Hamilton Tickets With Amex



American Express launched a pre-sale last week for tickets to Hamilton, the broadway smash hit. Tickets as low as $199 for June to August 2017 were made available and trust me, $199 is dirt cheap for Hamilton given that tickets cost $400 and up to “get-in”. The catch? You need an American Express Platinum card.

You can buy tickets two different ways (1) online through or (2) by calling Amex Platinum Concierge. Amex has their own ticket inventory which Ticketmaster doesn’t see so unless you want to pay $849 for premium tickets, skip TicketMaster and call Amex.


  1. You need to have an American Express Platinum.
  2. Load up the seating chart and have it ready before you call.
  3. Call Amex Platinum Concierge 800-345-2639. Expect a wait.
  4. Ask for “$199 Hamilton tickets” and provide your preferred dates and times.

I have yet to see Hamilton but I plan to visit NYC next year and include it in my plans. Wanted to share this loophole for Hamilton tickets incase you’re scouring the internet for astronomically priced tickets. I’ll be calling Amex when I’m ready to book. Waaaaay in advance.

Interested in seeing Hamilton?


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