Double Duty Daddy

Chronicles Of A Dad With Two Under 2

Words by long time friend and newly appointed daddy of two, Andres.

It’s been 8 weeks since my beautiful daughter joined our precious family. She annointed my wife and I, ‘proud parents’ of two under 2. I expected the addition of a second child to be more work but the scope of how much more work it entailed was something that completely caught me off-guard. I figured having a second child would be relatively easy given that we have experience raising our 1 1/2 year old son, Ben.

When you first become a parent, you juggle the balancing act at home and each parent contributes independently to ease the work on the other parent. As a Dad, I would help my wife feed Ben when I got home from work to give her a small break from the daily newly-appointed Motherly grind. Before my daughter arrived, I genuinely thought “we’ve gone through this already so how hard can a second child be?”.

Ben with his little sister Eliana

Ben with his little sister Eliana

Today, I empathize completely with people who complain about the sleepless nights. My God! Raising two under 2 is exhausting to say it politely. A minor detail that slipped my mind prior to the birth of our daughter is that Ben, our son, though ecstatic he has a sister, has no remorse for our sanity. His demands continue to grow and he constantly reminds us (with his actions) that he has needs and we need to fulfill those needs as we did prior to the arrival of his little sister.

This little man has expectations at his current toddler phase and up to now, has had our undivided attention. Whilst now Ben has to acclimate himself to shared attention and well, you can imagine how that’s gone. I don’t know how parents of twins do it. My hats off to them. As for me, in a masochist way, I’m enjoying the chaos that two under 2 bring. When I finally get a chance to sit down, reflect and enjoy a reheated meal, I’ll  look back and fully appreciate how amazing this new gig really is. Though my reflections will be short-lived since I’ll quickly have to resort back to the changing table where a dirty diaper awaits.

I wouldn’t change this role for anything else in the world.

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