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DD Daddy February 8, 2017 Posts No Comments on Club Bebe Voyage

I recently discovered a cool Facebook group for globetrotting parents called Club Bébé Voyage. To join it, you need to be invited by a member who’s already in the club. Here’s the ground rules on how it works:

Once registered, your request will be approved, and you’ll be granted access to our amazing community of globetrotting parents! You will be able to gather tips and tricks from our community, share your own travel adventures with parents based around the world, and expand your network to include a community of parents supporting you & your family on all your adventures.

I know there are a lot of parents out there that want to travel with their small children but get overwhelmed and anxious at the thought of what can and will go wrong. Will he/she cry during the entire flight? Will other passengers give me the side eye? How will baby sleep comfortably on an 8 hour transatlantic flight in coach? Trust me, I’ve been there.

Even for the globetrotting parent that enjoys taking their pipsqueaks everywhere, the group is a constant reminder that traveling with babies and small children is no easy task and there’s always a support group available on Facebook when you need it.

Here are a few examples of member posts:


I love reading posts from members. It motivates me to continue to push the envelope on destinations near and far where I should take G&O. For new parents and those mommies and daddies of toddlers and early school-aged children that love to travel, Club Bébé Voyage is an incredibly resourceful community to get the support you need and put your mind at ease.



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