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Conflicted Jet Lag Strategy

Let me preface this post by stating that I absolutely understand the following scenarios are first world problem-esque. For those of you that have traveled to long-haul destinations in different time zones, you know that jet lag is REAL and arriving to your final destination exhausted is no fun.

Today marks one month until I fly to Japan for a fabulous week with DD Mommy so I’ve been thinking about jet lag recently and how to overcome it. I’ve been overseas many times before and each time I’ve had mixed reactions to jet lag.

In 2005, I flew almost 24 hours straight Miami-Los Angeles-Sydney and all I remember from that travel day is knocking out the moment I saw a hotel bed. What makes Japan different than say, Europe, is the enormous 13 hour time difference.

Given this time zone division and the fact that your internal body clock thinks it’s 1:00am but it’s really 4:00pm in Japan, many people say it’s best to sleep a few hours on the flight and the force yourself to stay up until bed time once in Japan. That’s probably what I’ll end up doing but the other issue I have is the ‘stay away from alcohol and eat light’ piece of advice. I’m about to embark on the most gourmandizing flight experience of my life, yet I have to compromise on food and drinks for the sake of jet lag? I’m not quite sure I can make that sacrifice.  😛

JAL First Class Meal

JAL First Class Meal


What’s your strategy for managing jet lag?  


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  1. Elaine October 12, 2016 at 9:08 am

    Jetlag is REAL. I’d say try to sleep during your flight…like a real night’s rest.When you get to Japan go to your hotel to check in, take a shower and leave RIGHT AWAY….RESIST the temptation of laying in bed. Go out…take a stroll around town, have dinner and be back in your room at night. Try Tricking your body into being in the new time zone. So excited for y’all!!

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