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Day At The Zoo

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I trust everyone had a great Halloween weekend and your house is filled with mountains of uneaten candy. Over the weekend, we took G&O to Zoo Miami formerly known as Miami’s MetroZoo. Growing up in South Florida, I had frequented Zoo Miami a few times as a child but didn’t have a good sense of memory about my experience there. A few months ago we went with the G&O and family and had a great time walking around the park and seeing all the animals in their habitat. However, Zoo Miami offers bicycle rentals which we didn’t rent last time but this time, we made it our priority since experiencing the zoo that way looked more fun. What a cool experience, especially with kids!

Before arriving, we made a quick pit stop at Publix to pick up some things for lunch so we didn’t have to spend at the park. G&O are still in the picky-eating phase so buying what we know they’ll eat would be clutch for our sanity. Although a “no food and drink sign” appears at the entrance, if you come with a backpack or diaper bag, you can certainly put the food inside as there is no checking of bags required for admittance.

Children 2 years and under are free so we purchased two adults tickets for admission and were on our way inside. Once inside, we made the line to rent the bicycle and within 15 minutes, we were pedaling our way through the park.  I can’t stress what a cool experience it is to rent the bicycle. Skip the leg workout at the gym that week because you’ll surely be working your legs when pedaling. Don’t worry about where to store your items, the bicycle comes with a canopy up top that not only blocks you from the sun but also serves as storage for your diaper bag, stroller and any miscellaneous items like sunblock lotion or food. So strap your small children to the front or have your big children help with pedaling, and be on your way to enjoying the zoo in style.

Bike Canopy for storing your items

I got a lot out of this trip to Zoo Miami. I witnessed G&O getting excited at seeing animals and recognizing them by name. Going from premies to mentally sharp toddlers really fills a parents’ heart with happiness and relief. Their brains are like sponges at this age and it’s a really cool feeling to hear them in toddler tongue commenting on what they see.

Zoo Miami is an awesome place. Large and expansive, you can spend an entire day there and not get bored. I think we’ll take G&O there again when the weather cools off and once they turn 3, we may consider the annual membership. Oh and if you go, rent the bicycle. An absolute must from here on out for me.

Here are a few photos from the day at the zoo.


The Girls and Daddy

The Girls and Daddy

Pointing at the lion with Mommy

Pointing at the lion with Mommy


DD Daddy and DD Mommy


Cool Bicycle


Zoo Miami has a ton of cool activities and events for kids and parents alike. One of the most underrated forms of entertainment in South Florida and a place I plan to visit more often. Check out for more information and to plan your day at the zoo.

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