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Day Care vs Nanny – The Struggle

Talking to other parents, I’m always curious about how they came to the big decision of whether to hire a nanny or put their child in day care. It’s a debate amongst parents and varies based upon individual circumstances. A stay-at-home parent approach would be optimal IMO but for the sake of this post, only options are day care versus nanny.

G&O have had a nanny since they were 3 months old. Once we had to go back to work, we needed someone that could take care of the girls during the day and be a hybrid nurse/nanny since they were pre-mature and had some complications. With the girls now at 2 years old, our thoughts are on the full-time day care phase beginning some time next year. Our schedules are hectic so having a nanny come to our house is ideal and logistically, easy for us since we know she arrives and we can head to work. At some point soon, we’ll need to convert to day care and logistically as of now, it seems like a nightmare.

Having a nanny at home provides comfort for working parents and allows you to know that your child is safe at home and is well taken care of. You can set up nanny cams, check-in as often as you’d like and know your child is in comfortable surroundings. A nanny becomes an integral part of the upbringing of your child and can be an extension of YOU when you’re not present. You may even have a nanny that aides in daily household chores (when the babies are asleep) like laundry, cleaning or cooking which is always a plus when you’re a working parent.

G&O attend a bi-weekly class at Dynakidz in Hallandale Beach where they are able to get out of the house, interact with other children and build on their developmental skills. Although not full-time day care, it’s a chance for them to grow and develop and at the tender age of 2, they pick up new concepts and adopt a more extensive vocabulary, which for the most part, is a good thing.


Jackson Pollock, eat your heart out.


Snack time at Dynakidz


Olivia playing with a hula hoop and plastic egg shells

Gaby gluing

Gaby gluing

Choosing between a nanny and day care is a personal matter and most of the times, not an easy decision for parents to make. What is/was your experience? If you could go back, would you do the same thing all over again?




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