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Disney, I Love You Again.

During the holidays, we took G&O to visit Mickey Mouse and crew at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. As a child growing up in South Florida, I can vividly recall the rush of adrenaline I would get during the 4am wake-up-calls, when my Mom would enter my room and direct me to the shower so we could get on the road to Orlando. However, somewhere between my tween (pre-teenage years) and late teen years, I lost my enchantment with the mouse and the typical trips to Orlando theme parks. I know some people are obsessed with Disney, almost a cult-like following ranging from small children G&O’s age to adults, I just never really understood the fascination beyond childhood.

When G&O were about 16 months old, we took them to Disney World for the first time and the experience was…. how can I say this… painful.

There was nothing for them to ride (since they were too small), long ass lines, ridiculously hot Florida weather and well they were just still too little to even recognize any characters.  I’ll admit it, we mostly took them to Disney for the pictures and memories so no regrets, it just wasn’t all that fun.

Fast-forward to our recent trip to Disney last month and it was such a difference, like night and day.  At almost 2.5 years old, the experience was completely the opposite than when they were 16 months. Their faces lit up every time they got to see Ariel, Mickey and Minnie, Olaf, Anna, Elsa and even Cinderella’s castle that the girls call, “Casa Mickey“. I would easily pay over and over again just to see their faces filled with such amazement and joy.

After seeing what a visit to Disney did to my little girls, I’m a believer in the ‘Disney Vacation’ concept once again. I still prefer to get on a plane and visit new and exotic places with my family, but as long as the girls are into Disney, I’ll continue to leave room for a yearly Disney vacation.

Check out G&O’s reaction to Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade:



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