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Do You Have The Chase Freedom? You Probably Should.


I love Chase credit cards. I love Chase’s rewards currency, Ultimate Rewards. Why? Because I love getting incredible value for my points when transferring to Hyatt and British Airways (AA flights) mostly. Starting today through December 31, 2015, using your Chase Freedom at, or will earn you 10 points per dollar spent in the Chase Freedom 4th quarter bonus categories. This card usually gives 5x per $1 every quarter on certain categories like supermarkets, gas stations and department stores but 10x per $1 at during this holiday season is AMAZING!

The more I talk to my readers, the more I realize many of you have the Chase Freedom and don’t take advantage of the incredible point accruing potential the card offers. That’s because the Chase Freedom is a no annual fee card and a first credit card for many people who are just starting to build their credit history. Heck, my Mom has it and had never used it until I told her what a strong card for earning points it is. With a lucrative no-fee card like the Chase Freedom and the highly recommend Chase Sapphire Preferred, you could potentially rack up thousands of points easily before the end of the year with just these two (or just 1) and earn back enough points for free flights next year.

If you already have a Chase Freedom card, dust it off and use it for holiday spending this quarter at, and You’ll earn 10 points per $1 spent on up to $1,500 max. After the $1,500, you’ll earn 1 point per $1 spent.  If you max out the $1,500 spend, that’s 15,000 Chase Ultimate Reward points which can be used on a free night at a Hyatt hotel or free roundtrip flight domestically on a short-medium haul distance route like NYC to Chicago.


Freedom Quarterly Bonus Categories

Freedom Quarterly Bonus Categories



If you don’t have a Chase Freedom, now is as good a time as any to get it as the sign up bonus has been increased from $100 to $150 temporarily and next year we’ll get new quarterly bonus categories in popular areas of everyday spend. Feel free to contact me if you want a referral link to apply for the Chase Freedom.

No annual fee, strong earning potential and great quarterly bonus categories, it’s really a must-have for anyone, traveler or not.

Happy Shopping!

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