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Double Duty Parenting

DD Daddy September 30, 2015 Posts 2 Comments on Double Duty Parenting

I’ll admit it. The weeks that DD Mommy is away on work trips add a layer of double duty to my daddy title that seems at times to be, well, draining. I rely a lot on G&O’s nanny to arrive on time and wait for me to get home in the evenings but sometimes Mom or In-laws have to step-in and come to the rescue. Whether it be making dinner, taking G&O to their weekly class or watching the girls for a few minutes in the morning so I can make it to work on time, it’s really nice to have the support close by despite the fact that we are mostly self-dependent.

The mornings are rough because I wake up at 7am, shower, get dressed and go downstairs quickly to get a bite to eat. By the time I’m done, it’s 7:45am and G&O are already awake. I need to be out of the house by 8am to make it on time for work but sometimes the nanny runs a few minutes late and my morning all of the sudden gets hectic. Mornings are a rush and usually I get about 15-20 minutes with G&O that consists of putting Sofia the First, Annie or Elmo on TV and changing diapers, before I leave. With DD Mommy here, I know I can kiss the girls goodbye and head out by 8am but without her, I’m dependent on others to arrive on time and help. The evenings are a bit more tranquil. I get a solid 1.5-2 hours with the girls which allows me to spend QT with them, brush their teeth, change some diapers and play a bit before putting them to bed. Still, I never feel like I have enough quality time with G&O in my estimation and for my liking, which is why weekends are so priceless.

Although being an outnumbered parent isn’t always easy, it’s a great way to solidify a bond with your children and fulfill those double duties that ultimately lead to a tighter relationship with them. I have the utmost respect for single mothers or single fathers that do it alone ALL THE TIME. It’s no coincidence that most children that grow up in single-parent households have a permanent adoration for the single parent that raised them. Luckily, G&O have US both but that doesn’t mean either of us gets to take a break from parenting duties when both of us are at home. On the contrary, it means we both have to be dynamic in our double duty parenting to get the most out of our relationship with them individually and as a family.

Hat tip to all you parents out there that are consistently on double duty and don’t publicly share your thoughts or feelings. You don’t need to, I’ll do it for you.



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  1. Esther B September 30, 2015 at 6:40 pm

    This is great! You rock at holding it down while steph is away. You guys are a solid team and that makes the difference. G and O are lucky to have you both.

    • DD Daddy September 30, 2015 at 7:31 pm

      Much appreciated Benayoun, youn.

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