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With DD Mommy away on a business trip last week, each night I had intentions of  writing up a blog post but my body and mind had different plans for me. With 3 weeks left until AA devalues its award chart, I want to provide a fair warning that if you have a stash of AA miles in your account, consider using them before March 22 when several awards go up in miles required.

If you didn’t know, AA announced a devaluation to the AAdvantage program starting March 22nd, 2016. What this means is for certain redemptions, it will cost a lot more AA Miles to redeem the same award ticket if you book after that date.

What you need to know about the American Airlines Award Chart Changes starting with the BAD news:

  • Hawaii goes from 17,500 miles each way to 20,000
  • US to Australia First Class goes from 72,500 miles to 110,000 miles
  • Europe from 20,000 miles each way to 22,500 (your off-peak roundtrip ticket goes from 40,000 to 45,000 miles)
  • Asia (Region 1 which includes Japan and Korea) from 25,000 miles each way to 32,500 
  • Cathay Pacific First class (with AA miles) to Hong Kong goes up from 67,500 to a whopping 110,000 miles
  • Reduction of off-peak award dates from 7 months to 4 months

Now the GOOD OK news:

  • Coach redemptions go up slightly but not by a significant amount
  • Economy flights to the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America go down from 17,500 to 15,000 Miles
  • New MileSAAver awards for flights of 500 miles or less will now cost only 7,500 miles in economy (same as the BA Avios hack)

Moral of the story, if you have your heart set on a First Class Experience like we’re doing in November, book before March 22nd. If you want to save miles for most coach bookings to South America, Asia, Europe or Australia, book soon before you have to spend more miles post-March 22nd.

If you’re confused or need some guidance on AA award bookings, leave a message/comment.

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