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Flying With Small Kids: 5 Quick Tips

Traveling with toddler twins who refuse to nap prior to a flight is borderline nightmarish for parents of multiples. This occurred a few weeks ago on our flight back home from Montego Bay.

Traveling with small children is no easy task but it shouldn’t sway you from embarking on plane travel with your little ones. Thankfully, there are a few tips you can implement to make flying with small children a bit less stressful.




1. Try and stick to your child’s routine

If you can help it, book flights that compliment your child’s daily routine. For example, if your child naps right before lunch, a late afternoon flight is probably your best bet that way your child naps, has lunch at home (or at the lounge) and then you head to the airport with a child that’s well rested. Not all children can pass out on planes so I venture to say it’s easier to keep them interested with various forms of entertainment on the flight than deal with a cranky, sleepy child.

2. Always bring antibacterial wipes & use them

Planes are dirty. No other sugar coating way to put it. Use wipes to clean the seat where your child’s head goes and the arm rests. After snacks, clean their hands with wipes and once out of the plane, clean their hands and face to ensure you kill any germs post-flight. Take wipes over antibacterial gel so you avoid any TSA liquid regulations.


3. Tablets

Tablets are lifesavers. We don’t judge parents that give their kids iPhones or tablets to keep them entertained because we’ve been there. Plan ahead and get some kid-friendly apps and download your child’s favorite cartoon or movie (G&O love Sofia The First, Little Mermaid and Dolphin Tale). Some planes have wifi so if yours does, it’s totally worth paying for it to ensure you can change your child’s tablet entertainment at ease. After all, small kids get bored rather easily and if they’re tired of the same old shows, you can improvise with searching for something else. Oh, don’t forget the chargers for all electronic devices!

4. Crayons and Coloring Books or Blank Paper

When electronic devices lose their appeal, crayons and blank paper provide a nice change of entertainment. Draw pictures, write stories, or color with a coloring book. If your child is toddler-age or older, this should help pass a nice chunk of flight time.

5. Snacks

I can’t stress this enough. Any types of snacks your kids eat, make sure to pack them in your diaper bag or carry-on. Puffs or cereal, granola bars, dried fruit, goldfish, even a PB&J sandwich can help satisfy your child’s hunger and keep them entertained. If your baby drinks formula, buy bottled water (room temperature kind) before you get on the plane and mix inside bottle. If child needs milk or juice, TSA will allow you to pass them through security but they’ll just need to run a quick diagnostic of the liquid. Don’t worry, they swipe a litmus test over the liquid without touching it and you’re good to go.


Any particular tip you feel helps when flying with small children? Comments welcomed!

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