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Global Entry is amazing! When you apply and are accepted into the program, you can bypass the immigration and customs lines every time you enter the United States for five years. Don’t travel internationally much? It’s OK, if approved for Global Entry, you get TSA Precheck included, which allows you to save time in the security lines at American airports on domestic and international flights.

But there’s a $100 fee to apply for Global Entry. Although it’s totally worth it if you travel a few times a year (especially abroad), I’ll be giving away 1 global entry application fee which is worth $100, for FREE! Leave a comment on this post, share this post on Facebook or retweet this post on Twitter to enter the drawing for me to pay your $100 application fee. You can enter all 3 ways to triple your chances; I’ll pick a winner on Friday.

Process to Get Global Entry

Having Global Entry allows you to bypass the immigrations and customs lines when arriving in the US. Instead of spending time in line and talking to an agent, you tap a few buttons at a kiosk and within a couple of minutes, you’ve left the airport and are getting home while your fellow passengers are still waiting in line. Global Entry membership is valid for 5 years and is only valid for the person that is applying, not spouse or family. Everyone needs to apply for their own Global Entry application and I was able to get it for DD Mommy and G&O.

There are two steps involved in obtaining Global entry: an application and an interview.


Here’s my experience from a few months ago:

First, register with the Global Online Entry System and make sure to have the following at hand:

  • your passport
  • your driver’s license, if you have one
  • your addresses for the last five years
  • your work history for the last five years

The online application process took me about 20 minutes to complete.

Once you are registered with GOES, log in to the system. You will see that you are not a member of any programs. Click “Enroll in a New Program” to begin your Global Entry application.

Select the link that allows you to start the application for the trusted traveler program. From here, you will have to fill out your personal information. Fill out all the sections and submit your application. You will be prompted to pay the $100 application fee–I’ll pay it for you if you win this contest. We will coordinate payment.

It takes about a week to find out your status and unfortunately, the GOES system doesn’t email you when your application is approved or denied so you’ll need to check multiple times after applying. Once your application is approved, you can use the GOES system to schedule your in-person interview, which will take place at any airport that participates in the Global Entry program.


The interview take place at your local airport. I had a ton of interview date and time options between MIA and FLL and I decided to go to MIA as the time slots were more flexible with work schedules than FLL was. DD Mommy and I went to ours together and it took approximately 10 minutes from start to finish. They ask you a few questions about your employment, your contact information and your travel plans (if any) and once they’ve confirmed you are ‘safe’, you take fingerprints unto an electronic machine they use and you’re on your way. You spend more time parking at the airport than you do at the actual interview, in many instances. G&O got theirs done a few weeks later and the TSA officers only had to see their passports as they were not required to submit fingerprints.

Thanks to Global Entry, when landed at MIA from Rio De Janiero last month, it took about 8 minutes from airplane door to the curb where I got picked up by Uber. No stopping to speak to an agent, no explaining what I was doing in Rio, no luggage scanning. It was a breeze!

Bottom Line

Comment on this post, share on Facebook or retweet this post on Twitter as your entry for me to pay your $100 application fee for Global Entry. You can do all three for 3 chances at winning the giveaway. I will choose the winner on Friday.



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    This is so great I’ve been wanting to sign up for this .. Hopefully I win

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    No me pierdo ninguno de tus escritos.

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      Gracias Mimi!

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    Thank you all for your submissions on Facebook, Twitter and commenting on the post. The winner was MariAngela! Will have more opportunities to win some cool travel prizes again soon so please stay tuned!

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    I never win anything but I’m going to try anyways

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    Thanks for your comment, Bianca. The giveaway ended yesterday but please stay tuned for future giveaways!

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