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Hawaii With Chase Ultimate Reward Points


Everyone wants to visit Hawaii. Up until a few months ago, Hawaii was NOT on my bucket list. Everyone wants to visit Hawaii for their honeymoon or to get married or for the ultimate vacation. Living in Miami, I’ve got the Caribbean as my playground with some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world less than 2 hours away by plane. Why would I deal with the hassle of  a 10+ hour flight with a connection in order to visit Hawaii? To see what the damn fuss is all about. The below clip from one of my favorite movies describes how I feel about Hawaii.



Flights to Hawaii from the East Coast aren’t just long, they’re expensive. Which brings me to my next point. Folks have asked me what they should do with the 100,000 Chase Sapphire Reserve sign-up bonus and many people aspire to visit Hawaii, so I decided to share a few ways you can use your Chase Ultimate Rewards to book flights to Hawaii for cheap.

Chase Ultimate Rewards  are one of the most valuable reward currencies on the market because of their flexibility to transfer to travel partners or book travel through the Ultimate Rewards Portal. By far, Double Duty Daddy’s favorite points to accrue.


Chase Ultimate Rewards Airline Transfer Partners

Ultimate Reward Redemptions


Best Ultimate Reward Redemptions for Hawaii

1) Transfer to Korean Air to Book Flights on Delta:

One of the many transfer partners for Chase Ultimate Rewards is Korean Airlines, who is a member of the SkyTeam Alliance along with Delta airlines.

You can book a Delta economy saver award from anywhere in the US to any of the major Hawaiian islands for just 25,000 Korean miles round-trip.

If you can find award space, This is BY FAR the best use of Ultimate Rewards points if you want to fly to Hawaii. I’ve been searching the past couple weeks for dates in August and I haven’t had any luck but maybe you will!

To do this simply Search to find saver availability before transferring your points to Korean Airlines and calling to book.


You can book Delta saver awards to Hawaii for just 25,000 Korean Miles Round-Trip


 2) Transfer to British Airways to Book Flights on American Airlines/OneWorld Partners:

You can transfer your Chase Ultimate Rewards points 1:1 to British Airways Avios and use them to book travel on American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and other OneWorld Partners.


You can use British Airways Avios to book AA flights to Hawaii

British Airways uses a distanced-based award chart so this is really only practical for anyone flying from West Coast cities such as Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland and San Diego.

Flights should be ~12,500 Avios each way, depending on where you are flying from, and availability has to be found on (for OneWorld availability)


3) Transfer to Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer to Book on United Airlines:

You can transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points 1:1 to Singapore Airlines Krisflyer Program and use them to book United Saver Award tickets to Hawaii for just 35,000 miles round-trip.


Use Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles to book United flights to Hawaii

Transfers to Singapore Airlines can take more than 24 hours to complete so once the transfer is complete you’ll need to call Singapore Airlines to complete the booking. Have the specific flight numbers ready to read to the booking agent.


4) Book directly through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal IF and only IF you are a Sapphire Reserve Cardholder 

Folks with the Chase Sapphire Reserve can redeem their points for 1.5 cents per point value towards travel. At minimum, it’s not that bad of a redemption if you can find a relatively affordable  flight to Hawaii which would allow you to book directly through Ultimate Rewards portal rather than transferring to an airline partner.

Example: Miami (MIA) to Maui, Hawaii (OGG) Roundtrip

Points cost through UR portal would be 35,000

Flight cash cost is $525

The math: 35,000 x 1.5 = $525 ticket (35,000 would be the same as using Singapore KrisFlyer miles)


Conclusion: Tough to find a cheap fare to Hawaii of $525 but if you do and there is no award availability from your home airport to Hawaii with the previous transfer partner methods I mentioned, using your Chase UR points on the UR portal wouldn’t be a bad option. Still, transferring points to either Korean Air, British Airways (if you live on the west coast) and Singapore Airlines are your best options for hacking a trip to Hawaii on the cheap with your hard earned Chase Ultimate Reward points.


Is Hawaii on your bucket list? Feel free to send me a message through any on of my social media channels or comment on this post.


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