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How The New Amex Policy Impacts Families

If you’ve heard me rave about Amex Centurion lounges, it’s because they are awesome. I actually try to get to the airport within 45-60 minutes of boarding my flight to enjoy a chef-inspired meal and a massage for free at the Amex Centurion lounge in MIA.

One of the beloved perks of the American Express Platinum Card is access to Centurion Lounges. Each Centurion lounge has a designated local celebrity chef and full top-shelf bar, some even have a small spa that include complimentary mani/pedi and massages. U.S. airlines have lounges but mostly all are laughably inferior to Amex Centurion lounges. Due to it’s popularity, Centurion lounges get packed very easily which makes it difficult to find a seat or resting place when visiting.



Starting on March 30, 2017, Amex Platinum members will be allowed to bring only two guests into Centurion Lounges. Currently, you can take two guests or immediate family members. What does this mean? It means a family of four can no longer get in completely free because you’ll have to pay $50 for the additional 4th guest.


Family Room at MIA Centurion lounge


You can of course add authorized users to your Amex Platinum account and give your spouse a card. Amex charges $175 each year to add up to three additional cardholders so if you’re going to add a spouse, may as well add a family member or two as well since you’ll pay the $175 anyway.

Conclusion: If you’re a solo traveler, couple or small family with one child, this new Amex policy doesn’t impact you much. If you’re a family of four like us, you’ll want to add your spouse as an authorized user so each of you can bring in up to 2 guests (total of 6 people for family of 4). I’m not thrilled with this Amex policy but I understand it due to the crowdedness of Centurion lounges.


How do you feel about this change?



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