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Being a Dad of multiples is no easy task, especially when DD Mommy is on a business trip like she’s currently on. Still, when I’m alone with G&O, I have to step up my daddy duty skills and be their everything. As a man, being their main caretaker while Mommy is on a work trip allows for more daddy/daughters bonding time and elevates the girls’ perception of me (I feel it). I’m not just supporting Mom in parenthood but actively leaving a strong imprint in my daughters’ hearts and minds.


It’s critically important that Dads take on a caretaker role and not just a support role to Mom.

If I had $100 for every time I heard “it looks like you have your hands full”, I’d already have enough money to send G&O to college. Yes, people will do a double take when they see the double stroller I’m pushing through the mall contains twins. You’d also be shocked by the number of women who will grant instant sainthood upon a man when he rolls solo with his twins — as if we are somehow incapable of going out in public with twins. You see, raising twins and being directly involved in their day-to-day lives is like navy seal training for daddyhood. There are no breaks, the training is intense and you’re always ready for some catastrophic event to occur. You’ve been through it all. Double the diapers, double the feedings, double the tantrums, double the baths, double the laundry.

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Despite all the additional duties, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Unlike parents who do it one at a time, chances are we’ll only be taking one trip through the land of 3am feedings, reflux, teething, and potty training. So I say laugh and enjoy the late night feedings and spit-ups because while the singleton parents may be more “relaxed” now, the second time around, you’ll be a pro at this parenting thing (and much more tired).

Daddyhood with twins is hard work—there’s no mistaking that. But it’s hugely rewarding and I’m thankful for the balding and small gray hairs that have accumulated on my head. I guess I’m doing something right.


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