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Magical Tivoli Gardens

As many of you know that follow Double Duty Daddy on social media, I just returned from a week-long vacation with my family to Copenhagen and Oslo. One of the highlights of the trip was bringing my Mom along as she’s had a tough year dealing with her Mom’s (My grandma) deteriorating health and in much need of a vacation.

Mom and G

With Mom, DD Mommy and G&O in tow, we embarked on our first long-haul trip as a family and I want to share my review with you on what I dub as “the greatest amusement park I’ve ever witnessed”.

As the legend goes, Walt Disney had a dream of creating a “great, great playground for the children and families of America.” In 1951, he traveled to Tivoli Gardens, the 2nd oldest  amusement park in the world located in the middle of Copenhagen, for inspiration. Tivoli was a pristine and orderly park in Copenhagen with lush flowers, tame but fun rides and a festive family atmosphere. He jotted down notes as he walked the park and left impressed.

Tivoli Entrance

Disneyland opened in California four years after the trip.

His most famous quote of the gardens sums up how we feel in short:

Tivoli is quite exceptional. We can invest all the money in the world in ‘Disneyland’, but the atmosphere in ‘Tivoli’ is unlike any other place. I am amazed and moved every time I visit the Gardens.” – Walt Disney

Tivoli was on our ‘to do list’ during our short 3-day stint in Copenhagen and we arrived at 3pm on our 2nd day there. Entrance tickets cost approximately $16 per adult, children 7 and under are free. Once inside, you either pay-as-you-go or purchase an all-inclusive ticket to go on all the rides you want. In hindsight, we would have gone the all-inclusive route but admittedly, I was too busy planning the entire trip that I didn’t dive into too much planning detail with Tivoli.

This place was magical. I hear Disney freaks fans say Disney is the ‘happiest place on earth’ and I cringe. Long lines, expensive, bad food, hot weather and uncomfortably huge crowds aren’t really my idea of the ‘happiest place on earth’. Tivoli Gardens WAS and IS the greatest amusement park I’ve ever been to.

Rides for children of all ages. Rides for parents and grandparents to go along with a sprawling lawn with live jazz music and a ton of restaurants from casual to fine dining and they even had a Wagamama!  Food stands serving wine, beer and champagne = winning.

Benches, tables, lawn chairs for families to congregate comfortably, live animals and exotic birds, exhibits and live shows.  The lakes and gardens, oh gosh, the lakes and gardens. Freakin’ gorgeous!

I could rave all day about our experience at Tivoli. The 5 of us were in heaven as we didn’t expect this type of euphoric life-changing experience from an “amusement park”.

All this with no lines, perfect weather, great food choices, champagne and grounds so incredibly maintained that not to sound corny Tivoli legitimately made you feel like you were transported to a fairy tale dream in your sleep.

Enough gushing inordinately, will let the pictures do the talking……..

At night, the entire park lights up with christmas lights everywhere and I hear the best way to explore Tivoli is to visit in the afternoon and stay until closing to enjoy the lights. Since the sun doesn’t set until 10pm in Copenhagen during the summer months and the girls were tired, we opted to walk home to our Airbnb before dusk and get rest.

We raved about Tivoli Gardens during the entire trip and although there are so many places we want to visit in the world, I’ll make an concerted effort to take my family back to the ‘magical’ Tivoli Gardens in the future.

Have you been to Tivoli Gardens? If so, did it tickle your fancy like it did for us?




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