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My Quick Run To DFW And Back

On Saturday I took a quick trip to Dallas in hopes of completing my American Airlines Elite Status Challenge and making it home on-time for dinner with G&O. Both of these tasks seemed in jeopardy early on. I arrived at Fort Lauderdale airport at 8:30am for a 9:15am flight to DFW, seamlessly went through security, then boarded the plane and off we went.

Or so I thought….

As we made our way to the runway for takeoff, we sat in queue for about 40 minutes. I figured there were several planes ahead of us for takeoff so we would have to wait our turn. This wasn’t the case.  The pilot came on the intercom and told us that we’d be heading back to the gate due to an air conditioning issue on the plane. A mechanic from the airline would work to fix the AC issue while we sat on the plane for almost 2 hours! I contemplated deplaning and rescheduling my plans but giving up another valuable weekend day from G&O would make me an unhappy customer.

I was in danger of missing my afternoon flight back home to Fort Lauderdale which was scheduled for 1:45pm and now my new scheduled arrival time in DFW was 12:30pm. Finally, after the AC issue was resolved and the plane was refueled, we were on our way to Dallas! I landed in terminal C at DFW with about 1 hour to go until my return flight to FLL was scheduled to takeoff. My plan was to visit the Amex Centurion Lounge which was located in terminal D and I knew I’d need to haul ass to get there. I jumped on the DFW Skylink tram and within 10 minutes I had arrived. Originally I had planned for a 15 minute complimentary massage and lunch at the Centurion but was pressing my luck on time and couldn’t do both. The massage would have to wait but the lunch was an absolute must as I was starving! Centurion lounges are well-known for having celebrity-chef, local-inspired cuisine, not your average airport lounge food. I quickly scarfed down my meal and well-made old fashioned and headed back to the Skylink to terminal C where my return gate was.

Overall, I wouldn’t call it the most relaxing travel experience I’ve ever had but I was able to earn AA Gold status for the next 18 months and got home in time for dinner with G&O.

(Pictures of the DFW Centurion Lounge)




AC 1








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