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Saving On Your Next Disney Vacation

Living in South Florida, Disney is an easy 3 hour drive up to see Mickey and friends. Prior to becoming parents, Disney was not at the top of our vacation list but now with Disney princess-obsessed twins, we make it a habit to go up every other month for a quick weekend. Last week we booked a Disney cruise for 2018 (just the down payment) and I was scouring the web for ways to save money on the remaining balance, that’s when I came across Points To Neverland.

Erin and Mark, husband and wife team and creators of Points To Neverland first went to Disney together on their honeymoon. Now, they go back every chance they get, but couldn’t do it without points. At Points to Neverland, they share their secrets to save big on Disney vacations and they were kind enough to share these tips/tricks with Double Duty Daddy readers. 



A quick and easy way to save money on a Disney vacation is with discounted Disney gift cards. With little to no effort, you can save an extra 8% or more on your Disney vacation. You can consolidate your gift cards and then use them to pay for your entire vacation. The best part is that you can still take advantage of any other discounts Disney may be offering on rooms or vacation packages. It’s one more small way to cut corners, but on an expensive Disney vacation, it can really add up.

We feature many strategies for discounted Disney gift cards on our website, Points to Neverland. Here’s an easy strategy we really love.

Disney Gift Cards at BJs Wholesale

BJs Wholesale sells $100 Disney gift cards online for $94.99. They have free shipping and you don’t need to be a member. This is an automatic 5% savings.



Most people use some kind of rewards credit card that earns airline miles, cash back, or hotel points. One card we’re excited about right now is the Starwood card, which is currently offering 35,000 point signup bonus, nearly enough for five free nights at Disney’s Dolphin. Whatever card you carry, you’re likely to get another 1.5% to 2% in points for this purchase.



Finally, we recommend consolidating your gift cards in a Disney Vacation Account. Getting them all into one account will make it easier when you’re ready to pay for your vacation. In addition, Disney gives you a free $20 Disney gift card for every $1,000 you spend through the account. The primary caveat being that you have to have the account open for 120 days before you spend the money. But, with a little bit of planning, this is another discount you can use to your advantage.

At the end of the day, a large amount of our vacation budget goes to Disney for park tickets, hotel rooms, food, and more. Saving on Disney gift cards is one more method to cut some corners and save on your next Disney vacation.


Thank you Erin and Mark for sharing your Disney savings tips and tricks!

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