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How I Saved 51% Off My Disney Cruise!

Everyone knows Disney Cruises are pricey and normally cost a bit more than other cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Norwegian. The verdict is out on whether the higher cost is justified but those that have been on a Disney cruise before gush [...]

April 22, 2017 Posts

The Credit Card Perk I’ll Miss The Most

Last year I was approved for the Citi Prestige and at the time, was one of the most exciting cards to hit the market. Being a Citi Prestige cardholder meant being able to play three free rounds of golf per calendar year at [...]

March 6, 2017 Posts

How Credit Card Applications Impact Your Credit

As someone who relies primarily on credit cards to fund vacations for my family, I’m constantly monitoring my credit score through Credit Karma and Credit Sesame. Almost instantly after I apply for a new credit card, the hard inquiry on my credit from [...]

March 1, 2017 Posts

The Most Lucrative Points Earning Credit Card

Rarely do I write about credit cards on the blog because I believe it’s a individualized prescribed plan on which cards I’d recommend to you and I don’t want to deluge you with credit card products. There is however one exception to [...]

February 9, 2016 Posts

‘Booking Japan’ – How I Booked 6 Nights Of Luxury Hotels for Free

The title may be a tiny bit misleading. You see, I did pay $0 dollars out-of-pocket for 6 nights of hotel in Japan. However, my credit score and points were sacrificed in order to accomplish this travel feat. Let me [...]

January 11, 2016 Posts

How To Find The Right Travel Credit Card For You

I’m asked all the time, “Which credit card do you recommend I get?” To which my response almost always is, “It depends.” One of the keys to traveling the world for next to nothing is credit cards. However, the key component that most people don’t even [...]

December 15, 2015 Posts

Defying The Odds: The Chase 5/24 Rule

I may sound like a broken record but I absolutely love Chase credit cards. They are versatile in how you earn points and provide maximum ROI when redeeming for travel. Die-hard folks in the points & miles community are well [...]

December 1, 2015 Posts

Do You Have The Chase Freedom? You Probably Should.

I love Chase credit cards. I love Chase’s rewards currency, Ultimate Rewards. Why? Because I love getting incredible value for my points when transferring to Hyatt and British Airways (AA flights) mostly. Starting today through December 31, 2015, using your Chase Freedom at, [...]

November 23, 2015 Posts

Cash Back vs Points: Which Credit Card Rewards Is Right For You?

    By now, you know where I stand on credit cards and how I use them for every possible expenditure that I can. My debit bank card remains in my wallet for moments where only cash is accepted, but [...]

September 4, 2015 Posts

My Quick Run To DFW And Back

On Saturday I took a quick trip to Dallas in hopes of completing my American Airlines Elite Status Challenge and making it home on-time for dinner with G&O. Both of these tasks seemed in jeopardy early on. I arrived at Fort Lauderdale airport at 8:30am [...]

August 31, 2015 Posts