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Disney Magic Cruise Review

Are you thinking about going on a Disney Cruise? Is the cost deterring you from booking a Disney Cruise? Setting sail on this ‘magical’ cruising experience is a bucket list item for many parents with children. I too, was skeptical of [...]

April 17, 2018 Posts

Club Bebe Voyage

I recently discovered a cool Facebook group for globetrotting parents called Club Bébé Voyage. To join it, you need to be invited by a member who’s already in the club. Here’s the ground rules on how it works: Once registered, your [...]

February 8, 2017 Posts

Is Kissing Your Child On The Lips OK?

Listen, I used to be one of those people before I became a parent that would wonder why parents would kiss their children on the lips. My parents certainly never kissed me on the lips as a child and yet [...]

July 13, 2016 Posts

New York City With Toddlers

In February, The Flight Deal posted an insane American Airlines airfare deal from Miami to NYC for various spread out dates in 2016. I knew I wanted to take G&O to NYC during the summer so this was the perfect time to book [...]

June 27, 2016 Posts

Loving Daddyhood

Being a Dad of multiples is no easy task, especially when DD Mommy is on a business trip like she’s currently on. Still, when I’m alone with G&O, I have to step up my daddy duty skills and be their [...]

May 17, 2016 Posts

The Gift Of Travel

The power of travel rewards combined with booking a flight for a loved one is the pinnacle of success in my current state as a points and miles enthusiast. Nothing tops the euphoric feeling I get from redeeming miles for [...]

April 26, 2016 Posts

The Dining Club For Parents and Toddlers

I love going out to dinner. It’s one of my favorite pastimes and I’m a die-hard “foodie”. So much so that using the word “foodie” is an insult to my passion for high-quality food and the art of creative food [...]

March 29, 2016 Posts

The Unmistakeable Bond

Yesterday a post went viral about an Australian couple who gave birth to preemie twins 11 weeks early. The twins were shown in various photos holding each others’ hands which set the internet on fire. People were inspired and moved [...]

January 22, 2016 Posts

Day At The Zoo

I trust everyone had a great Halloween weekend and your house is filled with mountains of uneaten candy. Over the weekend, we took G&O to Zoo Miami formerly known as Miami’s MetroZoo. Growing up in South Florida, I had frequented Zoo [...]

November 2, 2015 Posts

“Nonstop” vs “Direct” Flight – There’s A Difference?

Yes, there is. Many people think that nonstop and direct in referring to flights, have the same meaning. Many people would be wrong on that assumption. A nonstop flight, as its name suggests, flies from one airport to another without stopping. While [...]

October 28, 2015 Posts