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Thank You JetBlue

DD Daddy June 15, 2017 Posts No Comments on Thank You JetBlue

Thank you, JetBlue. Your timing is impeccable.

JetBlue is on fire lately with generous promotional offers making it difficult to not be loyal to them. Get 15% of your points back when you book a flight using your TrueBlue points. On top of that, if you have the Jetblue Plus credit card, you get 10% back anyway as a cardholder benefit so you’re getting back 25% of your award points for travel before 07/31/2017!


Here are the details:

  1. Register for this offer here
  2. Book now through 6/19 for travel through 7/31/17
  3. Fly JetBlue and enjoy your trip
  4. Check your TrueBlue account approximately 4-6 weeks after 7/31/17. Your points will be automatically re-deposited to the account!


I already have a family trip to Aruba, a wedding in Richmond and an upcoming Mint class experience on JetBlue’s new Mint route from San Francisco to Fort Lauderdale, all booked with points. Meaning, I expect to get 25% of my points back which is a HUGE chunk!



The one-way Mint class ticket alone cost me 33,700 JetBlue points. By stacking both offers (10% back for being a JetBlue Plus cardholder and 15% points back from this promo), I’ll be getting 25% of my points back for a savings of 8,425 points. Total cost of my Mint ticket will now be 25,275 points or according to TPG’s June evaluation for JetBlue points (1.2), that’s $303 for a one-way transcon flight in arguably the best domestic first class product.

JetBlue continues to churn out generous promotional offers year around and they’ve become my airline of choice for our upcoming family trips.

Do you have plans on booking award travel with JetBlue for travel this summer? If so, book before 6/19.





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