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The Best Flight Search Tool

I’m asked quite often, “what is the best site to search for airfare?” To which I always reply with two words: Google Flights.

Some people use 3rd-party websites, like Orbitz or Expedia. Others search for deals using Kayak, Priceline or Hotwire. Although bookings should almost always be made directly with the airline, Google Flights helps narrow down your flight options and provides some cool user-friendly features.

A few years back, Google bought ITA Software, a technology company that produces the airfare search and booking software for many airlines and websites. Now why wouldn’t you use the same software system as the airlines?  🙂

I’ve shared with you here about my fondness for the ITA software and its own public airfare search site, called ITA Matrix.  It’s powerful, but you need to learn a lot of codes and commands to make it do what you want and I don’t recommend it for the novice traveler. Google Flights is basically an easier-to-use version of ITA Matrix and it’s interface is fantastic!

You can use Google Flights as a regular search tool by entering city to/from and your dates and letting the results pour in from various airlines. However, say you live in Miami and want to take a long weekend trip over Memorial Day Weekend but aren’t sure where to go. Simply type in the dates and the originating city and on the map view, you’ll see prices to hundreds of city options from Miami for Memorial Day Weekend.

Google Flights

Searching for flights from Miami to a flexible destination

The beauty? You can search the same way for destinations all over the world. Here you’ll see flights from NYC to Europe. Just type in a region and Google Flights shows you all prices in that region from your city.

Flight results for an open search to ANY destination in Europe from Miami

Flight results for an open search to ANY destination in Europe from NYC

Know where you want to go but don’t know when? Put in specific city pairs and open up calendar for April/May to see what day has the cheapest flight. If your travel dates are flexible, this is a great way to save money!

Search calendar for cheapest price

Lowest prices will be highlighted in GREEN

Google Flights is my favorite flight search tool. It’s fast and you can customize your search with so many cool features. Remember, you can’t book a flight through Google Flights but it’s where you should start when conducting an airfare search. Once you’ve done your search, book your flight directly with the airline’s own website. If I’m not redeeming miles for flights, Google Flights is my first stop on my airfare search to find the best ticket prices.

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