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The Dining Club For Parents and Toddlers


I love going out to dinner. It’s one of my favorite pastimes and I’m a die-hard “foodie”. So much so that using the word “foodie” is an insult to my passion for high-quality food and the art of creative food concepts. It’s the one thing I missed the most from pre-babies life.

Now with toddlers, DD Mommy and I are lucky to actually have a sit down dinner at home. We usually end up eating dinner standing up at our kitchen counter while G&O eat in their high chairs. On Fridays we like to visit our favorite local pizza spot and actually have a sit-down meal but its a far cry from the days of fine dining and celebrity chef experiences pre-baby years.

Will the girls act up? Will they throw food on the floor? Will the wait staff look at us with a slanted eye? Will they have more than one high chair (#twinproblems)? All these questions flow through my mind when contemplating going out to dinner to a “nice” restaurant with the girls. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a concept where a family with small children could actually have Michelin-starred quality food and feel totally at home surrounded by only kid-friendly people?

Ahhh but there is…..I introduce you to Nibble and Squeak:

A unique dining club for “parents with pipsqueaks” Nibble and Squeak hosts food events for babies and toddlers and their caretakers — parents, grandparents, and more — at restaurants in New York and in London, and soon beyond! Our cities have so much to offer, and we should be able to enjoy them with babies-in-tow.  Our mission is to make it easy for new parents to treat themselves and enjoy their local food scene at all levels.

Yes, please!

We work with restaurants to create a comfortable haven for families: private rooms and restaurant buy-outs, custom menus, daytime openings, plus high chairs, changing mats, stroller parking and most importantly, the opportunity to meet other like-minded friends. Nibble+squeak helps to normalize restaurant-dining with our pipsqueaks-in-tow.

This new dining club for parents who do NOT, I repeat DO NOT, want to give up their Michelin-starred feasts (once in a while) for the sake of toddlers is EXACTLY the kind of dining concept I fully support. Mommy Melissa Elders started the club when she returned home to NYC from London and realized her 15-month-old daughter (and she) was being deprived of high-end cuisine experiences.

Parents of little ones, if I told you that for $38 per adult, your partner and babies could enjoy a multi-course tasting menu at a Michelin-starred restaurant around like-minded parents, would you be on board? COUNT.ME.IN.

I’ll be visiting NYC in June with the family and will definitely look into securing a spot for their June dinner. Pretty please come to Miami, Nibble & Squeak. We’re ready for you!


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