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The Gift Of Travel

DD Daddy April 26, 2016 Posts No Comments on The Gift Of Travel

The power of travel rewards combined with booking a flight for a loved one is the pinnacle of success in my current state as a points and miles enthusiast. Nothing tops the euphoric feeling I get from redeeming miles for my parents. It’s minuscule in comparison to their tolerance with my adolescence phase and all the love and support they gave me growing up but nevertheless, it’s my way of giving back.

My Dad lives in Colombia now after 35 years of working in the states as an international optical salesman. He visits us once a year and stays for a couple weeks. Just a few weeks ago, he left back to Colombia and now G&O are big enough to recall “Abue Fernando” and mention him in conversation when we talk about family. It’s endearing but it’s also a constant reminder that he doesn’t live in the U.S. and life is too short to let the time pass without the girls seeing their “abuelo” more often.

I decided to book a flight for him to come back and spend Christmas with us. The beauty lies below on how I was able to book a roundtrip ticket with British Airways Avios from Colombia to Miami for HALF of what it costs to book with AA miles but he’ll still be flying the SAME American Airlines flights. Bare in mind, flights from Colombia to the U.S. during the holidays can reach close to $1,000!

Here’s the math via booking with BA Avios:

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 6.41.56 PMScreen Shot 2016-04-25 at 6.42.28 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 6.43.01 PM

This is the cheapest travel redemption method to fly to/from Colombia and the U.S.


Here’s the math via booking with AA Miles:

20,000 miles more than using Avios

20,000 miles more than using Avios


I saved 50% of my miles by booking with British Airways Avios over AA miles and Dad will be traveling on American Airlines. The savings is even more mind-blowing when you factor in the potential cash price of the ticket for holiday travel.

British Airways partners with Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG), American Express and Chase so you can transfer your flexible reward points into British Airways Avios and save a fortune on American Airlines flights. I love that I can give back to my parents via travel purchases but it’s even sweeter when you can save a ton of miles by knowing a trick or two.


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