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The Unmistakeable Bond

DD Daddy January 22, 2016 Posts No Comments on The Unmistakeable Bond

Yesterday a post went viral about an Australian couple who gave birth to preemie twins 11 weeks early. The twins were shown in various photos holding each others’ hands which set the internet on fire. People were inspired and moved by the video of the newly minted Dad holding them against his chest and providing kangaroo care (a method of caring for premature babies in which the newborns are held skin-to-skin with a parent) while the twins held hands.

Here’s the video.

This story hit home and for many reasons.

G&O were also born 11 weeks early. They were slightly bigger than the Aussie twins at 3 lbs. but they were still tiny. They were also tubed up for several weeks. We did kangaroo care everyday in the NICU, but not after the doctors and nurses felt it was safe to take them out of the incubators.

G&O - A week or two after birth

G&O – A week or two after birth

Tubes, tubes and more tubes

Tubes, tubes and more tubes

Kangaroo Care with Dad

Kangaroo Care with Dad

K-Care with Mom

K-Care with Mom


Through it all, I realized these tiny human beings are MUCH stronger than we give them credit for. The unmistakeable bond that twins have from conception (and from the video) is evident to anyone who’s a parent of multiples.

As the Mom of the hand-holding Australian preemie twins said, “To all parents that face this, be comforted in knowing that today anything is possible.”


I second that.

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