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Threes Are The New Twos

DD Daddy January 18, 2017 Posts No Comments on Threes Are The New Twos

The term “THREEnagers” is often overused in our household to characterize our twin toddlers’ behavior.

Threenager: A person, 3 years old, possessing the attitude and demeanor of a teenager.

We’ve all heard of the terrible twos and all the drama of the new-found independence of toddlers. But for us, the threes have been far more challenging than the twos.

Our THREEnagers are 3 going on 13. Although they are identical twins and share the same DNA, they are vastly different in personality. However, that’s not to say they don’t share similar THREEnager characteristics that sometimes drives us absolutely nuts.

Are you living with a THREEnager? Here are some outward signs you might be:

Top 10 Signs You Are Living with a THREEnager

1. You live in constant fear of whether or not they’ll like what you serve them for breakfast. They like pancakes, they like cereal, they like fruit. But on any given day, they hate pancakes, they hate cereal, they hate fruit.

2. They cover their mouths and refuse to eat. No amount of ice cream or chocolate bribery will convince them it’s worth ending a hunger strike for.

3. You go through three or more wardrobe changes a day. Please just pick a princess dress already!

4. They run away from you when it’s time to get dressed or brush teeth. In fact running away from you is their favorite activity.

5. They want the same exact thing the other has. Ok, so this is more of a twin problem.  “I don’t want a purple cup. I want a pink cup like (insert sister name here).”

6. They are testy. They don’t take “NO!” without putting up a fight. Oh you want an Oreo before dinner? Too bad. ::stomping of right foot towards ground in rage::

7. They want to buckle their own car seat. BY THEMSELVES. Sure, lets wait 6 minutes for you to finish this and we can all be late to work and pre-school.

8. Indecisiveness. Yellow socks? Pink socks? No socks?

9. Whining relentlessly. I want this. I want that. My sister has a purple hair tie with stripes on it, I want with stripes not solid purple. When did you turn into Mariah Carey?!? Diva.

10. Drum roll please……………………………………bed time is a performance. No, THREEnagers don’t just follow orders when it’s time to get shuteye. They want conversation, they want book reading (in moderation fine but not when it’s late and they have school next morning) and they get hyper at the most opportune time, when you’re putting them to sleep.

THREEnagers are tough to parent. They make you weary and zap you of all of your patience and energy. But on the flip side, it’s an incredibly rewarding time. As a THREEnager develops, so does their vocabulary and the darnedest things they say will make you chuckle and in turn, zap you deeper in love with them. You’ll start to discover a growing child in that dimunitive frame rather than a baby and if you’re lucky, you’ll hear things like, “Papa, I love you”.

When did you first realize you were living with a THREEnager?


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