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Why I Use AutoSlash For Car Rentals

Most people have never heard of the car rental site AutoSlash. I certainly didn’t until about 2 years ago. Now I use the site to make all my car rental reservations.

AutoSlash is an awesome website that tracks your car rental reservations for price drops.  You can utilize it two ways, either use the website to track your rental car price that you booked directly with the car rental company OR book through AutoSlash and they will track your car rental reservation for price drops, and re-book you at the lower rate if your rental becomes cheaper.

Insert your car rental reservation info if you booked elsewhere. They’ll still track it for you and inform you but won’t automatically re-book you.

I recently booked a car through the AutoSlash for a trip I have at the end of the month to Charlottesville, Virginia. The cheapest I could find on AutoSlash was a rate of $56.29 with Thrifty for a full-size sedan for 2 days.

My original booking with AutoSlash

Set it and forget it, right? Yup! Since I booked through AutoSlash and not directly with Thrifty, I get the service from AutoSlash that they’ll automatically check my reservation for price drops and re-book me if they see a cheaper rate.

Well lone and behold, 3 weeks later I check my inbox and what do I see? An email from AutoSlash that they found a cheaper rate for my exact same reservation and re-booked me immediately.

Saved $7.68 just by booking through AutoSlash

I was happy to pay less than $50 including taxes and fees for my weekend car rental but they weren’t done yet.

Two days later, I receive another email from AutoSlash that they found an even cheaper rate for my rental and now my two day cost was $45.61, a savings of almost 20% off my original booking!

With a few weeks left until my trip to Charlottesville, I’m secretly hoping the rental rate goes down even further and AutoSlash excites me with another email notification of a price drop. I’ve got AutoSlash checking another reservation for me and I’ll probably use them for all my rentals from here on out.

Have you heard of AutoSlash? Will you be trying it out on your next car rental?


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