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Wedding Weekend Adventure

DD Daddy November 20, 2015 Posts No Comments on Wedding Weekend Adventure

Last weekend we had the privilege of attending a close friend’s wedding in San Juan, Puerto Rico. At first we debated whether we should take the girls with us or not, but decided we wanted to experience this with them and that they were ready for their first official destination wedding.

In preparation for the plane ride, I had been repeating the word “avion” to G&O over and over again so that they could begin to understand they would be going on a plane with mommy and daddy and grandparents. We ended up flying Southwest, which I’ve only flown once before, and actually had a decent experience although I wasn’t a huge fan of their boarding process. Cool thing about Southwest is that families get to board early (after Group A is called) which means your family can all most likely sit together. Unlike other airlines, Southwest doesn’t do assigned seating. Boarding is on a first-come, first-serve basis which basically means, the earlier you check-in, the better chance you’ll have at boarding the plane sooner. Thankfully, we got to sit in 2 rows side-by-side on both flights so G&O could rotate between parents and grandparents.

On the way to San Juan, the girls were excellent, perfect little angels. Only slight crankiness at the end of the flight and that’s because it was their naptime. Parents, you know darn well naptime is critical for a baby’s mood and that means critical to your mood. The flight back wasn’t as smooth. The return flight was later in the day, which meant they had already napped by the time we boarded and they had no desire to sleep, yet lots of crankiness was going on. We also had some bad weather so that meant the seatbelt light stayed on for most of the flight. The girls were very restless and they let us know it (they let everyone around us know it too)! Even with iPads, phones, coloring books, play-doh, stuffed animals, snacks, it’s normal for toddlers to get cranky when adhered to a seat for a long period of time.

Nothing remotely negative can be said about our weekend stay at La Concha resort in San Juan and the service. The girls had pack n’ plays ready to go with sheets and our modern room had a kitchenette where we could warm up milk before putting the girls to bed. Surprisingly, the girls slept wonderful in unfamiliar territory. We stayed up late with them both nights and both mornings they slept-in. That was glorious!

We also had a great time at our friend’s wedding. The ceremony was nice and the highlight for me was watching G&O tear it up on the dance floor. We literally had to carry them off the dance floor because they did not want to stop dancing! Boy, am I in trouble. Nevertheless, it was another great trip with G&O in the books and I look forward to the continuation of exposing them to flying and exploring new places.


G&O playing on the beach


Pre-wedding at La Concha lobby

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