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“What do you mean, TWO?”

Got Twins?I’m always asked,  “What was your reaction when you found out you were having twins?”, “Are they fraternal or identical?”,  and my personal favorite, “Do twins run in your family?”.

To the last question, I always answer the same way, “Identical twins are not hereditary, fraternal are.” Scientific research shows a relationship between hereditary genes and fraternal twins. With identical twins, not so. Some call it a gift, some say it’s a fluke, whatever it is, it’s pretty awesome.

If I had a dollar for each time I had to explain what our reaction was to the news of twins, I’d be able to pay G & O’s future college tuition in full. In order to avoid the redundancy of telling the story over and over and for those of you who may be curious, here it is in its entirety with some actual video of when the news broke.

Steph was about 8 weeks pregnant and we were just hoping to hear “a” heartbeat. We waited a while that day to be seen by the doctor and finally made our way into the ultrasound room. The doctor greeted us in Spanish, as he normally did, and while he began to administer the ultrasound, I whipped out the iPhone to record this momentous occasion. I sat in an uncomfortable chair beside Steph as we prepared to hopefully find out if this little living being was going to expose their heartbeat to us.

The doctor began with the ultrasound scanning. Trying to find the baby and moving all over Steph. After 2-3 excruciatingly long minutes, we saw that blurry cloudy image that looks like our baby. The doctor didn’t speak, he just kept moving around her and working the ultrasound in different angles. “What’s the hold up, doc?” I started thinking, worried that a heartbeat may not surface. I see another cloudy image on the top right of the ultrasound screen but don’t think anything of it, neither did Steph. He speaks in a slow, methodical voice, “Okay, so here is one.” After a few seconds go by, he keeps scanning the ultrasound as if he’s digging for something else. At this point, we have absolutely no clue what’s going on and just think he’s checking other things and being thorough. “And here is another”, the doctor says. Still recording and sort of in and out of “the moment”, not really comprehending what he just said, Steph uttered the words that have now become famous amongst family and friends who have heard the story, “Como así que otro???!?!”, translated in English means “What do you mean another????!?!”

“You didn’t know you were having twins?” said the doctor. Um no doc, we didn’t. This wasn’t some unknown BOGO deal at Publix where a cashier tells us to go get another one and we are thrilled about a 2nd product for free. This was life changing, Doc! He couldn’t have been more casual in sharing the news. We were shocked, elated, scared, in disbelief, unsure how twins could happen, and shocked some more.

We were having twins. Me, a father of twins? WTF, how did this happen? I mean, I know how it happened but the twin part, I mean, uhh, huh, ummmm, yeah I dunno. We found out a few weeks later that these twins were identical and that they were BOTH, yup you guessed it, GIRLS!

Now, not to get all holy and spiritual on you, but I do believe with 100% affirmation that God, Allah, Mickey Mouse, Scientists, whoever you choose to believe in, only gives you what he knows you can handle. Even when you don’t, he does.

Check out our breaking “There’s TWO in there” video from that crazy day! Make sure to turn up the volume as the sound isn’t the best.

Do you have any funny or weird stories about how you “found out”? Did you know all along? Were you surprised?

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  1. Denise Clavijo August 19, 2015 at 1:34 pm

    This is an awesome story! Thanks for sharing.

    • DD Daddy August 19, 2015 at 1:54 pm

      Thanks for reading!

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