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When Your Babies Don’t Want To Eat

Toddlers are notoriously picky eaters and mine are no exception. Going through the non-eating phase with toddlers is incredibly stressful for parents. One day they try everything you give them, the next day they throw a tantrum on their highchair and refuse to eat anything (except ice cream). What most parents don’t realize is that toddlers actually eat more than they think (a handful of Cheerios here and a few pieces of fruit add up!). Their bellies are small and although we’d love them to eat veggies, protein and carbs, the bottom line is, they are going through a short-lived phase.


So how do you handle your child’s food-strike in the meantime? Offer food, but don’t overly push it (parental pushing may lead to future eating problems), try not to send the signal that him/her/them not eating is stressing you out (even though it definitely is!). Make sure you’re offering them healthy food choices, so that when they do decide to nibble, they’re getting the nutrients they need. Limit the drinks and juices, as many times an abundance of these liquids can fill them up quickly and double check they aren’t teething. Molars, which usually make a painful entrance between the ages of 12 and 20 months, can also stand in the way of a toddler and their interest in food. One of my twins last week had mouth pain caused by a canker sore. Every hour or so she’d express her discomfort with an “Ay Yay Yay”. She was eating very little as everything she tried to eat or drink was providing discomfort. This week, she’s eating much better but now the other twin has decided to continue her food-strike. #Lifewithtwins


The picky/non-eating phase is one that plagues almost every toddler and parent alike. The goal is to stay patient, continue to provide healthy and filling food options and weather the storm as it too shall pass and you’ll be on to the next “fun” phase.

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