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Wrigley For The Day: Commuting By Plane

This past weekend I went on a same-day return mileage run. The purpose of this trip wasn’t for the bonus miles or to attain elite qualifying miles towards status, it was to experience Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs. I’ve been to Chicago twice in the dead winter (during off-season) so when I saw a perfectly timed itinerary for $117 roundtrip to Chicago on American Airlines, I didn’t hesitate.

With the game starting at 1:20pm and flight times being perfect for a morning arrival and evening departure, I was beyond elated to knock off the 20th ballpark from my proverbial bucket list of seeing all 30 active Major League stadiums. It’d be a long day sure, but I’d get to sleep in my own bed and minimize the time away from G&O.


The weather God’s were on our side


City of Chicago Fire Department steps from Wrigley

The entire trip went smoothly without a hitch. We arrived at Wrigley within an hour of the first pitch and left after the 7th inning stretch (“take me out to the ballgame” at Wrigley is a unique tradition and is sung after the Top of the 7th) so we could experience the traditional ‘take me out to the ball game’ chant. We made it back to the airport with 1 hour until boarding and then something pretty cool ensued.

Waiting to board my flight back to FLL, I heard my last name called from the gate agent and I assumed it was to ask me if I’d give up my seat (for compensation) since flight might have been oversold. Given that American Airlines Gold and Platinum members rarely, if ever, get complimentary domestic upgrades to first class (that distinction goes to EXP’s), I was taken back when the gate agent handed me my new boarding pass and told me I was upgraded to first!

Although the flight home to Fort Lauderdale was only 2 1/2 hours long and I really didn’t care for dinner or drinks, I was happy to simply have a more comfortable seat and the ability to exit the plane faster so I could go home and get to bed.

Flight Cost: $117

Uber ride: $20

Food and Beer: $60

Game Ticket: $50

Chance to visit Wrigley and embark on a memorable adventure? PRICELESS.



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